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Now you can have the same eyelash extensions that all of Hollywood is raving about! Luscious, longer and fuller! Natural look and feel eyelash extensions. Relaxing comfortable procedure, which last up to two months or LONGER!

Dramatic & Natural



Eyelash extensions create more drama, while looking much more natural than clumpy mascara. A full set of eyelash extensions can lengthen your lashes up to 50%, and will thicken them by 30 to 50%.





Lash Envy provides eyelash extensions that vary in length, curl and color. Based on your own lashes, the skilled artists at Lash Envy will provide you with a look all your own.


Less Hassle and True Comfort



Your eyes are one of your best features, the windows to you soul, and like a great picture, frame them beautifully. We all spend so much time in our morning routine on our eyelashes alone. Curling, applying mascara, clean up any smudges, trying to brush out the clumps, only to have spidery lashes, and then at the end of the day removing it, or ending up with raccoon eyes every morning. Extreme Eyelashes give you smooth lasting lashes. These eyelashes frame your eyes so well that with minimal make-up you will you amazing.

So why not use false eyelashes instead? Don’t they do the same thing? No, they don’t. False eyelashes are made of differently and glue directly to your eyelid, making them only last a day or two. The adhesive used has been known to cause all sorts of discomfort to your eyes. The worst of it is that they can actually make your own eyelashes fall out prematurely.

Eyelash extensions are a great gift for you. Eyelash extensions look and feel like your own lashes, only much thicker, longer and sexier. Having them can save you so much time in your daily routine. They are even safe for contact lens wearers. Contact us today for your consultation.


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Lash Stylist 8 Years Experience



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Lash Stylist 4 Years Experience